Monday, January 28, 2013

Puto Molds: Plastic Steaming Cup Moulds

Puto Molds / Kutchinta or Rice Cake Molds

Please remember, this lot comes in different colors OR you may receive all 10 molds in one color

  • Made of Plastic
  • Best for Steaming only
  • Small size cup measures approx. 1.25"
  • Medium Size measures approx. 2.25" 
  • Large Size measures approx. 3"
  • Brand new cups
  • Imported from Philippines

This Mold is Best use for Filipino Desserts: 

 What is Kutchinta? Kutchinta are small jello-like rice cakes that are sweet. They are best served with with dried grated coconut meat on top



What is Puto Cheese? Puto is the generic name for a rice cake made from galapong (rice flour), slightly sweetened and steamed. It is a very popular snack in Philippines


What is Pichi-pichi? Pichi Pichi is a dessert made out of grated cassava and sugar coated with grated coconut


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  3. I just want to inquire how much the price of each plastic molds small, medium and large?

  4. Hi!!! I'm interested to buy a Steaming Cup Moulds. Small, medium, and Large, I want all colors, and I want to know how much the prize. And where can I order.